Hey! You made it. We’re glad you’re joining us.

Here at Futbol For Life, it’s our mission to help raise up the next generation of kids in Sierra Leone, Africa by sponsoring their resources of food, education, healthcare, and many other things through Children Of The Nations. Their taglineĀ is, “Raising children who transform nations,” and our vision couldn’t be more accurately depicted.

For the past 13 years, a collection of families and individuals have come together to put on a soccer tournament with the sole purpose of sponsoring orphaned and destitute kids in this beautiful, yet severely poor country. This all started as a last-ditch effort to keep a small handful of children sponsored, and has grown into this beautiful organization that keeps people coming back year after year.

We do what we love to make a difference. Isn’t that the dream? By pooling our resources, time, and individual abilities, we are able to organize an annual, one-day indoor soccer tournament for a wide span of ages. Some years it feels as though we won’t have enough to continue sponsoring our (growing) group of kids; every year we are amazed by the work that is doneĀ and overwhelmed by the profits that are able to provide for these children.

Go meet us, meet the kids, and see how you can get involved.

— The Futbol For Life Team