January 1, 2017’s Brackets/Schedule:

7-8-9 year olds
1A – Dragons David Beninger

1B – Mini Three Lions Mitch James

1C – Rudolph’s Gang Ila Jensen

1D – M&M Peanuts Matthew Myers

1E – M&M Almonds Matthew Myers

11/12’s coeds
2A – Elf Vibes Ila Jensen

2B – Tornadoes Ila Jensen

2C – Premier Gang Tori Peters

2D – Hansy/Paschal

13/14’s coeds
3A – Nigeria Paul Jacobs

3B – Ghana Paul Jacobs

3C – Mad Mouse Kyla Radford

3D – The Rogues Oscar Knowlton

High School Coeds
4A – Santa’s Slayers Ila Jensen

4B – Team Name Heather Hunt

4C – Twelve Alex Bradbury

4D – Flying Piglets Charlotte Bond

Adult Division A
5A – FIFA LIVE Nathan Funstan

5B – Three Lions Mitch James

5C – Flamin Hot Cheetahs Jenae Arnold

5D – Bevy Brian Bond

5E – Team America Chuy Deluna

5F – Soccer Pitch Hansy

Adult Division B
6A – Sequim FC Carlos Najera

6B – Summer Of Hansy

6C – Oreos Nathan Sherman

6D – Joga Bonito Hansy

6E – Storm King Beth Barrett

Time Field 1 Field 2 Small Field

10:00 2Avs2B 2Cvs2D 1A vs 1B

10:30 3Avs3B 3Cvs3D 1C vs 1D

11:00 2Avs2C 2Bvs2D 1E vs 1A

11:30 3Avs3C 3Bvs3D 1B vs 1C

Noon 2Dvs2A 2Cvs2B 1D vs 1E

12:30 3Dvs3A 3Cvs3B 1A vs 1C

1:00 4Avs4B 4Cvs4D 1B vs 1D

1:30 6Avs6B 6Cvs6D 1E vs 1C

2:00 5Avs5B 5Cvs5D 1D vs 1A

2:30 4Avs4C 4Bvs4D 1B vs 1E

3:00 5Evs5F 6Avs6E

3:30 4Dvs4A 4Cvs4B

4:00 5Bvs5C 5Dvs5E

4:30 6Bvs6C 6Dvs6E

5:00 5Avs5C 5Bvs5F

5:30 5Dvs5E 6Avs6C

6:00 5Avs5F 6Bvs6D

6:30 6Evs6C

7:00 #1vs#2-5 #3vs#4-5

7:30 #1vs#2-6 #3vs#4-6


On January 1st every year, we have this incredible opportunity to come together and spend the day at Olympic Sports Center, an indoor soccer facility in Bremerton, Washington. The owners are local friends, and we are so lucky to have had the opportunity to use these fields year after year.

We have brackets for adults and youth alike, and the leagues are generally co-ed. We normally have a few people who aren’t able to make a team but still want to play, and we encourage them to show up anyway to fill in spots on an incomplete team, or play for the house team.

Sign-up by sending Louie Bond an email at lbond@melbournetower.com. Get your team signed-up early to lock in your spot in one of the brackets!!

Print out a waiver form (osc-waiver), bring it with you along with some cash, and get ready to have the best time changing lives with us!