Revised schedules now showing corrected teams with the withdrawal of 2 teams and the back filling with 1-11/12 team and 2-13/14 teams. Hoping I corrected the typos on some of the earlier emails. Please email me individually that you received so I know you each have it. Thanks, louie


Also looking for volunteers as Field Marshall’s and Referees.

Hoping each of you had a good Christmas and wishing each of you a healthy 2018.

Here is the revised schedule, shirts are ordered through Kitsap Screen Printing and Olympic Sports Center is our host and Children of the Nations is still coming along side kids around the world and specifically our Sierra Leone Kids and without each of you this would not be possible and we thank each of you, your team mates and each of your families! May the Lord continue to bless you all. Like each of you we have experienced both loss and joy. We all look forward to that day when the Lord shall return and we will be reunited and sin and death shall no longer have any foot hold in our lives.

Attached is a waiver that needs to be signed by each player who does not play at Olympic Sports Center where their waiver is good, if you or your player is under 18 then they will need to have their parent or guardian to sign as well. You can also find this waiver at or our website . There is no cash machine at the indoor center checks need to be written out to COTNI or cash.
Please bring with and come at least half an hour before first game to register and pay with your team collect your t shirts and be assigned the Sierra Leone child your team will play for. Also for some of you newbies, no studded shoes or cleats only indoor shoes flats also shin guards are mandatory. Yes you can bring slightly used soccer gear which COTNI can ship to Sierra Leone. Also lots of teams may be here with guys and gals on same team or show up as coed but we are NOT playing with coed rules. If any of you are interested in volunteering during the day as a Field Marshall or Referee please let me know. If each of you would email me individually and not the group that one, you received my email and two, that everything is spelled right and nothing looks wrong as it relates to your team/teams.

Point System
5 points for win
2 points for a tie
1 point per goal scored maximum of 5
2 points for shut out
-1 point for each blue card issued

We are working on which team will have which child that they will play for and you and your team mates will have your picture taken and will be encouraged to write notes to your child which will be delivered with a tshirt and your team photo.

Here is tentative schedule, Subject to change;


6-9 year old bracket small field 4v4
1A – Elf Gang – Ila Jensen
1B – Reindeer Runners – Ila Jensen
1C – Nutmeggers – Amber Erikson
1D – Nolan ‘s house tribe – Nolan Bond

11/12 year old big field bracket 7v7
2A – TSC Dragons – Dave Beninger
2B – Mitch’s Minions 1 – Mitch James
2C – Green Batallion- Ila Jensen
2D – Almost Here – Ila Jensen
2E – Mitch’s Minions 2 – Mitch James
10:30-2Avs2B. 2Cvs2D
11:30-2Evs2A. 2Bvs2C
12:30-2Dvs2E. 2Avs2C
1:30 – 2Bvs2D. 2Evs2C
2C plays 4 games and their score will accumulate and then be multiplied by 75% to determine final score.

3A – Team Name – Heather Hunt
3B – Hammockings – Joe Prater
3C – Team Mom – Hope Swenland
3D – Kitty – Rubi High
3E – RazzMaTazz – Melissa Burris
3F – Mad Mouse – Marnie Radford
3G – Anything Works – Nathan Martin
3H – Taco Bell – Chris Warthen & Junko
10:00-3Avs3B. 3Cvs3D
11:00-3Evs3F. 3Gvs3H
12:00-3Bvs3C. 3Dvs3A
1:00-3Fvs3G. 3Hvs3E
2:00-3Avs3C. 3Bvs3D
3:00-3Evs3G. 3Fvs3H

Update we now have a High School bracket 3A,B,C and D and a 13/14 bracket 3E, F, G and H.

4A – Chad Loves Liverpool – Mitch James
4B – Bullet Bills Disciples – Joe Mason
4C – Washington Premier – Kevin Skinner
4D – TB Washups – Jason Hough & Miles
4E – Alliance FC – George Bundy
4F – NKSD Alumni – Jenae Arnold
4G – Port Townsend FC – Nate Land
4H – Hungover – Bryce Klatt
4I – In Pursuit – Gerardo Hernandez
4J – Bevy – Brian Bond

4C and 4H each play 4 games and their accumulated score will be multiplied by 75% to determine final score

5A – Oreos – Nathan Sherman
5B – Ebony & Ivory Coast-Brienne Palmer
5C – Storm King – Beth Barrett
5D – Net Six & Chill – Allison Molnar
5E-Deportivo Sequim-Juan Carlos Najera
5F – Pura Vida FC – Rafael Flores
5G – Silverdale FC – Hansey Lopez
5H – Dale Silver FC – Hansey Lopez

3:30 4Avs4B. 4Cvs4D
4:00 4Fvs4G. 4Hvs4I
4:30 5Avs5C. 5Bvs5D
5:00 5Evs5G 5Fvs5H
5:30 4Dvs4E 4Avs4C
6:00 4Ivs4J. 4Fvs4H
6:30 4Bvs4D. 4Evs4C
7:00 4Gvs4I. 4Jvs4H
7:30 5Evs5F. 5Cvs5D
8:00 4Gvs4H. 4Cvs4B
8:30 5Avs5B. 5Hvs5E
9:00 5Bvs5C. 5Fvs5G
9:30 5Dvs5A. 5Gvs5H
10:004Jvs4F. 4Evs4A

Thank you for your patience again. Let me know if I have any discrepancies. We appreciate your involvement for the sake of the Sierra Leone Kids, what better way to literally kick in the new year with this act of generosity for others!

Kitsap Cup Committee


On January 1st every year, we have this incredible opportunity to come together and spend the day at Olympic Sports Center, an indoor soccer facility in Bremerton, Washington. The owners are local friends, and we are so lucky to have had the opportunity to use these fields year after year.

We have brackets for adults and youth alike, and the leagues are generally co-ed. We normally have a few people who aren’t able to make a team but still want to play, and we encourage them to show up anyway to fill in spots on an incomplete team, or play for the house team.

Sign-up by sending Louie Bond an email at Get your team signed-up early to lock in your spot in one of the brackets!!

Print out a waiver form (osc-waiver), bring it with you along with some cash, and get ready to have the best time changing lives with us!