Dora Carpenter • SL-VP1-0502 • January 1, 1999 • 17 years old

Visit Dora’s page on COTNI

Dora Carpenter is 17 years old and in the 9th grade. She hopes to become a nurse, and loves to learn about the bible, language, and health. She wrote in one of her updates that she wants to become a nurse to help people when they’re not feeling well, and don’t have someone to take care of them. She lives with her grandparents, 2 brothers, and a sister.

We’ve been lucky enough to sponsor Dora for most of her life, and we’re glad to share her correspondence with us over the years.

At last year’s Kitsap Cup, she was proudly played for by 2 Girls Alliance, with Mitch James. Thanks for your support!

2 Girls Alliance

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