Erin lives in Silverdale, Washington. She has been with the tournament for 8 years now!

“Hi there! My name is Erin Bernard and I’ve been a part of the tournament since 2009 and haven’t looked back! I love helping people and this is just one way that I’m able to do that! There is very little that makes me happier than reading the letters from the kids and seeing their pictures. It is all of you that make this possible. We pray all year long that God’s will be done on New Year’s Day, and every year all of our needs are met! That is why I continue to be a part of this tournament, I want nothing more than to start my year off with people that love soccer and want to make the lives of these kids so much better!! It is my goal that every year, if nothing else, we can continue to cover the needs of the kids that we currently have anything on top of that is gravy!


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