JT and Gen live on Bainbridge Island along with their 2 beautiful children, Elsa and Oscar.

Joseph and Genevieve Knowlton started sponsoring children through Children of The Nations(COTN) over a dozen years ago.  After learning about the hope, love and education provided by COTN to those in need, the Knowltons gifted sponsored children to family members for Christmas in lieu of traditional gifts.  It wasn’t until Joseph was challenged to create a community-wide project that the scope of their efforts to support Children of the Nations came into sight.  Through this project, the Kitsap Cup and Futbol for Life were founded.  Now going into our 12th year as a one-day soccer event, the Futbol for Life team and Children of the Nations have been able to sponsor over 30 children in one day with increased sponsorship each year.  The Knowltons are thrilled to be a part of uniting their local community in bringing hope of a bright future to children in Sierra Leone.


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